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Sample cover letter for Internship position at facebook


business analyst

I am writing to express my interest in the position of Advisory Accounting & Finance (Business Valuation) Consultant that was posted on UC Berkeley job board. I believe my professional experience in market research & business analysis, coupled with my B.A. degree in Economics from University of California, Berkeley have prepared me to make a positive contribution to your company.

At Daxue Consulting, a French firm aiming to optimize business performance of European companies in China, my major contribution falls under market research. My research investigated market information and performed market analysis with various data analysis tools. Based on the collected data released by the Chinese government, industry reports and scholarly articles, my research visualized consumer sensitivity to various products and differing pricing levels. An important contribution of my report is that it examined the cultural gap between European countries and China, which could explain why a particular marketing strategy could invoke contrasting results in two regions. My research showed that even China has witnessed economic transformation in the last three decades, many consumer behaviors fostered decades ago remained untouched. By analyzing the culture factor, our team were able to help companies adjust their marketing strategies.

My major responsibility as a Global Transaction Analyst at Bank of China was to offer international remittance service to customers. In the context of constant fluctuations of currency exchange rates in a global economy, making solid speculation of this trajectory was extremely important for our customers’ success in making sound investment decisions. In order to devise an appropriate prediction model, I, along with other team members, collected historical data on currency conversions, evaluated currency market performance based on mathematical and statistical methods, and created an econometric model for FX rate forecast. Our model took into consideration numerous factors, including interest rate differentials between two countries, the growth rate differentials of two countries’ GDP, and income growth rates. We also applied Big Mac index to check the exchange rate according to Theory of Purchasing Power Parity. The accurate capacity of our model was evidenced by an increase of 20% in the number of our customers.

Beyond that, as a social committee chair at Ascend Berkeley Chapter (Premier Business Organization), I developed strong organizational and communication skills. I am always a great team player and good at inspiring others.

With my skills and drive to achieve excellence in everything I do, I believe I will be a valuable addition to the team in helping provide analytical-based, perform data-intensive analyses, and help improve the way Deloitte serves its clients.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to discussing my suitability for this opportunity in person.

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