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Sample cover letter for Internship position at facebook



I would portrait myself as a person with curiosity, motivation and adaptability. As you will see from the attached CV, I have make an attempt into exploring different roles of the financial sector, mostly in boutique firms where I was taking an active role in supporting my functions. I’m not used to wearing so many different hats but I enjoys working in all of these experiences. It is interesting to work in such a dynamic environment which doesn’t have two days the same and that’s why I have a strong motivation in working at the financial sector.

In addition to being adaptable and active, curiosity helps me to drive myself forward. Exploring in an unknown field makes me feel challenged but I’m always comfortable in reacting to situations and giving recommendations. Having discussion with the team and contributing ideas in the charity project fund raising, I was managed to develop a strategic marketing pitch to promote our fund raising. In the end we have raised $122,855 HKD this year, a sizable increase as compared to last year. Hereford capital believes in providing advisory to help businesses grow with the collapse of the banking sector, my creativity and intellectual curiosity on how things work would a great asset for the contributions in advisories.

Besides professional experiences, extracurricular activities helped in bringing myself together as a strong communicator and manager. Frequently acting as a leader in various occasions, I’m qualified to be a good team player in a group setting and also prepared to take initiative if I have to. 

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