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Sample cover letter for Internship position at facebook



10th November 2014

Dear Recruitment Manager,

 I am searching for a placement in industry to enab

le me to gain exposure

to chemical engineering as a whole and to apply some of the knowledge I have

learnt, in the field.


came across the internship opportunity for Chemical & Process Engineeri

ng on your website.

I have interests in developing new energy sources, especially fuel in the t

ransport sector. This is

because this is currently the most inefficient sector for fuel consumption and

there will be many

opportunities to improve existing technologies and fuel technolog

ies. I enjoy finding and discovering

potentials in most things related to technology. I have a strong dri

ve to create new ways to handle

existing problems or limitations, this is most important in the

energy sector as non-renewable

sources are eventually exhausted and new sources must be found to prevent the deg

eneration of

human civilisation. I would like to work with BP as the complete in

frastructure, facilities and highly

skilled workforce at BP will serve as an enabler of future technologies, to buy ti

me for developing

future energies and developing the technology itself. It is more feasible t

o develop technology as

part of a large group with the means, to have a chance to produce it and

produce it relatively


My key strengths are:

Awarded for most innovative design in Engineering Fair (Malaysia), identifi

ed the problem

and proposed the solution and design.

Involved in new design project lasting 3 months, since year 1, which

gave me good exposure

to the overall process of projects.

During internship at ROVSKI, I was exposed to IT, R&D, Sales & Marketing, an

d Production &

Quality Control, gaining broad knowledge of the overall process in a plant

. Towards the end

of the internship, I was able to find new areas on site for development and exp


Thank you for your time, I hope we can arrange a meeting and intervi

ew at your convenience.

Yours Faithfully,

Toh Hua Ann

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