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I have always pushed myself towards excellence and being the best I can be, something, which I feel I can only achieve at McKinsey&Co, an industry-leading firm. The fact that McKinsey&Co has strong links with the London Air Ambulance and various other charities greatly appeals to me.

As a result, employees at McKinsey&Co are of the highest standard. I therefore believe that working for McKinsey&Co will add to my business knowledge and acumen, enabling me to deliver the best results. I have developed a strong business mind from always having a role of responsibility within my family business. Being trusted with various roles such as managing employees, organising deliveries, and contacting suppliershas given me the confidence and diligence to complete my work efficiently and to a high standard. I have learned how to develop my own strategy when facing new problems or tasks. Being at the forefront of my family business from a young age has given me an intricate understanding of local markets and what can influence trade in a retail environment

I have chosen consultancy as because I will gain a breadth of knowledge across a range of industries. Working as a consultant will allow me to take on new projects every few months, which appeals to me greatly, as I enjoy learning and facing new challenges. What attracts me most about the chosen scheme is the opportunity for rotation, which will give me first hand insight into various sectors and ultimately help me to choose my specialism.

I feel that working for McKinsey&Co consulting will give me an opportunity to build relationships with a range of influential and varied people, giving me the chance to truly fulfill my potential.

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