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Sample cover letter for Internship position at goldman sachs


summer intern

  • "My quantitative expertise, international outlook and interpersonal abilities make me a strong candidate for the Investment Banking position at Goldman Sachs."

My next few paragraphs went into detail on how I obtained these 3 attributes and how they can be a value-add for Goldman Sachs. By weaving your accomplishments into your personal narrative, you’re highlighting both your capabilities and your personality. Find a way to organize your thoughts clearly. A common method is to work moving from past experiences, through current events and into your future goals.

Another format which allows you to state why you are interested, explains what you can add and shows your interest and enthusiasm is by shifting through various “levels” of focus. Talk about the firm in the first paragraph; for example, you could mention how the on-campus presentation’s “client first” philosophy impressed you and why. Moving to the second paragraph, you could focus on yourself, including your relevant skills and accomplishments. Finally, integrate the two by highlighting how you fit in at Goldamn Sachs:

  • "In the IBD division, I will utilize my project management and teamwork skills to structure and execute financial transactions and to develop client relationships with my advisory team."

However you organize it, throughout your cover letter remember to keep things grounded by describing your specific, relevant skills. For instance, I was able to give concrete, factual details within the context of my study abroad and internship experience:

  • "While studying abroad at Xxxxx University in China, I worked as an Xxxxx Xxxx Intern, interacting with analysts, consultants, and directors on a major telecommunications company project by constructing financial revenue forecasting models."

Find a place to mention relevant skills and positions you’ve held related to leadership, communication or teamwork. For example, I wrote:

  • "Furthermore, leadership roles in several organizations have taught me how to effectively interact with individuals and teams in a dynamic and professional setting."

Your qualifications should be explicitly told throughout the story of your path, while also clearly explaining your motivations for applying to the position. After you’ve expressed why you want to work for them, and how you got there, describe what you hope to accomplish while you’re there. The summary sentence for my letter read:

  • "At Goldman Sachs, I am eager to challenge myself in a fast-paced market environment, and I look forward to working with divisions that are committed to global leadership and professional excellence."

Feel free to add in specifics that demonstrate your understanding of Goldman Sachs, research or news you've found stimulating, or your personal experience from a presentation or networking event. Or, name-drop in your cover letter by mentioning who you talked to and what you talked about. Wrap up by thanking them for their time and consideration, and find a way to express your excitement about the prospect of working for them.

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