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Sample cover letter for Internship position at goldman


summer analyst

I am an excellent and curious student, very interested in economical world, particularly in Investment Banking. As a motivated student, who is eager to start in the mergers and acquisitions sector, I was immediately determined to apply for the possibility of doing a summer internship for one of the leading investment banks of the world.

My MSc has been able to offer me a unique combination of theory that was taught by well-distinguished professors and practice from professionals. Besides my academic career, I am convinced that my active membership of a student society and my experience in a broad range of sports helped me in building awareness for strong team values and a natural appetite for victory. Also working with various ethnicity groups, as I did this summer at the Keio University, Tokyo, enables me in using abilities within people presenting different cultures and cooperate efficiently to success.

My main motivation for entering into the investment banking division can be attributed to a will for variety in my career. The vast range of companies and their corresponding industries that an investment banker will come into contact over the course of the career will result in developing a well-rounded working knowledge of the world.

My motivations for applying to Nomura come from their globally sophisticated reputation as a leading investment bank. The basis of everyday work, makes it not only unique, but also allows it to deliver world-class customer service and care. Other quality about Nomura that attracted me is its organizational culture. Specifically, it is the extremely challenging but rewarding work environment created by a workplace of highly skilled individuals who thrive on complex strategic problems that are daily presented. I believe this aligns well with my overall attitude both professionally and personally. This attitude is exemplified throughout my current undergraduate studies, from which my breadth subjects are chosen based on how well it complements my major.As a Team Member at Nomura, I strongly believe that I would add value with my analytical skills and my ability to stay determined and dedicated over long periods of extreme pressure as demonstrated during my life.

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