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Sample cover letter for Internship position at goldman


Business analyst

Working to get paid meant no room for amateurism, and this experience in various fields taught me much more than I expected. When I worked as a translator of gene therapy guidelines, I had to convince my client that I was as accurate and prompt as professional translators. Because the fact that I knew nothing of gene therapy could not be an excuse, I needed thorough research on technical jargons and the ways certain common words were used in the field. I had to understand the needs of the client at make each meeting better than the one before. After two months, he had gained enough trust in me so as to send the rest of the payments in advance.

One job after another, I learned and enjoyed communicating with different clienteles, analyzing their needs, and practicing beyond their needs. I also gathered enough living expenses for up to 2015. Most importantly, however, I could start stock investment through KOSDAQ market, earning profits of 13.14% after two months. First-hand experience made the system of capital markets and the mechanism behind investment decisions more fascinating ever, and I became eager to go beyond a private investor

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