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Sample cover letter for Internship position at goldman



Dear *****

As further detailed in my resume, my exceptional analytical and colloquial skills make me a good candidate for a position with your prestigious organization.

Having always been a leader in group and solo sports I mastered the ability to talk with any kind of people and persuade them for the well-being of the whole team, I tested the limits of body and stress effort during national competitions and the capability to overcome succesfully difficult situations.

Working with different ethnicity groups as I did in summer courses at the University of Michigan and as I am currently doing at university enables me to use abilities to group people and cooperate efficiently to success.

I am an excellent and curious student on track for a first in a triple degree in Economics, Statistics and Mathematics but still very intrested in world economical and non economical issues which may indeed directly affect my portfolios opened on trading platforms. Such intrest was enhanced during my past summer intership in which I gained a broader view of what matters most and what is more ininfluent to speculators and investors.

I am seeking for further experiences to increase my knowledge and 

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