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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at google


business analyst

Ms. Martin: ß -------- greeting to specific contact person

I am interested in exploring entry level opportunities in the quality control training program at Johnson & Johnson, Inc. I will graduate this May from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelor of Science degree and major in Agricultural Business Management. Based on my interest in production and plant management, the Career Services Office on campus suggested I contact you.

As you will note on my enclosed resume, my production internship with the Inland Steel Corporation last summer included practical experience in quality control. In addition, I have taken a number of manufacturing related courses, including: Collective Bargaining, Labor Problems, and Research Methods. I have also financed a major portion of my college education while attending the university as a full time student and have been active in many activities. My high energy level and enthusiastic interest in the production phase of manufacturing would make me a good candidate for Johnson & Johnson's training program.

I plan on visiting the New York / New Jersey area in mid-December, and I would hope to arrange an interview with you during that time. I would appreciate hearing from you at your earliest convenience. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact me. I can be reached at home after 5:00pm or you may leave a message on my answering machine or E-mail and I will respond promptly. I look forward to meeting you! Thank you for your time and consideration.

closing --------- à

4 hard returns --------- à
your signature in this space in ink ---------à

your name typed ----- à

Buck E. Badger 

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