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Sample cover letter for Internship position at google


business manager

I am interested in becoming a summer analyst in the Risk Management division. The idea of playing with risk and making business decisions based off of the data in order to maximize profits while simultaneously minimizing costs intrigues me greatly. Being in control of risk leads to growth as well as consistent performance, and I am very curious as to how risk can be quantified to stabilize a business.

Although I do not have much work experience to offer, that just means that I have not yet picked up any bad habits. Instead, the mentors assigned at Citi can correctly guide me through all the fundamentals that there is to banking. It is more than just learning one method of problem-solving in a specific sector and applying that over and over; it is a stream of education that will guide me in future business prospects, and with Citi’s world-class reputation, the knowledge I gain will make a difference.

The key strengths that I possess to be successful in this internship include:

  • Communication skills to convey how the products we sell are unmatched and convincing the potential buyer that it would be a decision that they would not regret.
  • Motivation and self-organization to set up my own presentations and schedules throughout the week.
  • A preference towards numbers, an interest in mathematics and statistics; I enjoy analyzing figures and getting results.
  • Analytical and problem solving skills.

Thank you for taking the time to review the credentials and experience that I have and for the opportunity to apply for this internship. 

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