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Sample cover letter for Internship position at infor


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I am writing to express my interest in applying for the job opening. As a graduate student of Pace University, I believe that I have the qualities necessary to excel in the job.

I've recently completed my fall semester with a GPA of 3.90. I did my Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology, and I was intern at RRCAT (Raja Ramanna Centre for Advance Technology, Department of Atomic Energy of India, Indore).During my intern I have studied various password recovery techniques and have learnt how to implement OTP and documented the technical report. I have got my research paper published in International journal for computer sciences and Information Technology on the topic “Security in composite mobile services and load balancing”. I have worked on several IT related projects. During my masters course work I have learnt and gained hands on experience on many network security tools along with project management tools . I can perform complex analysis of business needs, planning and designing of business processes. I am recently working with Excel and Stat tools doing data analysis for decision making under my course work.

I have also been the campus ambassador for “MY ORANGESLATE. COM”, It’s an online e-learning website that offers various study packages for exams and mock test series, where my responsibilities were to promote their online program with the help of social media and encourage people to buy the study material online by offering various discount and promo codes using Social media and other marketing strategies. I was a part of the organization for nine months. Also I was part of another organization SAP charity event and indulge in their promotion with the help of social media. I am an active member of NGO who works for the welfare of dumb and deaf children in Indore. I actively participated at techfests and competitions, developed market researches, helped in organizing and coordinating events. But most of all I learnt how to work in team, be multitasking, attended meetings, attentive to details, time management, prepare presentations and organize people and tasks.

I expect to learn as much as possible from the next working challenge in terms of management, technical and soft skills, having the opportunity to be part of the organization. Securing and completing an internship with such a well-respected, well-known company would be a valuable opportunity for me, and in turn, I am confident that I would make positive contributions to your organization. . Hence, I hope to be granted an opportunitywith you to discuss this further. Do not hesitate to contact me  if you need more information.

Thank you for your consideration.


Vishi Narayan

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