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Marketing is the invisible force that propels the modern business world forward. With recent advancements in communications technology, the marketing field has been revolutionized, with new opportunities and new potential pitfalls. With the globalization of business, the success or failure of international marketing campaigns is undeniably a powerful factor in the success or failure of modern companies. In [my country], however, the field of marketing remains relatively underdeveloped and neglected, however, and the educational opportunities are likewise insufficient for my goals. In contrast, UK businesses place great emphasis on advertising and marketing, and the marketing techniques are accordingly advanced and well-established in the UK. I am confident that, having exhausted many of the training opportunities available in my country, the resources available in your postgraduate program in the UK are ideal for taking my career to the next level.

I was initially attracted to the field of marketing because I find it to be a very dynamic and creativity-based field. In addition, marketing is a fast-growing discipline, encompassing a wide area of activities within the community. I was first exposed to marketing while studying for my Bachelor degree. While studying business administration, I took courses related to marketing, such as International Marketing, Advertising and Marketing Management. In addition to the lectures, we examined several case studies and devised specific solutions for particular problems; through these courses, I grew familiar with the basic theories and applications of marketing.

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