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Sample cover letter for Internship position at jkjkj



Dear Mr. Kumar,

Through this letter, I wish to express my interest in the summer internship program at Monitor Deloitte. I’ve always been fascinated with how Deloitte works with its clients to go down to the root of the problems they face; I’ve had a chance to interact with a consultant in the technology vertical at Deloitte, and one thing that he mentioned to me that left a mark was , “the client’s problem is our problem”. These virtues of empathy and understanding about the issues at hand are what I believe define consulting at Deloitte, and these virtues are what resonate with me the most. Of curious nature, I’m a person who’s always been interested in understanding problems fundamentally and devising intelligent solutions that improve and enhance. I’m attracted to management consulting since it involves deep, holistic assimilation about markets and industries, spanning the past till present, in order to come up with innovative solutions. Management consulting offers a glimpse of the common and unique problems that multiple industries may face, and allows a chance to utilize cross industry knowledge to better,

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