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As a retail stockbroker or financial adviser, you perform much the same function as asset managers: picking stocks, bonds, and other investments, determining the right portfolio mix, executing trades, and ultimately increasing or preserving wealth-albeit on a smaller scale and with fewer investment tools at your disposal-for individual investors.

The asset management juggernaut requires an equally enormous infrastructure. For each fund, there is not only a fund manager, but also a team of analysts to research equities and fixed-income investments; economists and other soothsayers to augur the direction of the market and economy; salespeople and marketers to persuade people to buy the fund; traders to execute orders; accountants to track assets; and legions of tech specialists and back-office staff. There's a similar infrastructure for retail brokerages.

The asset management and brokerage sectors are home to tons of jobs, and employment in the securities industry trended upward between October 2003 and mid-2008. According to information published in Investment Company Institute's 2009 Investment Company Fact Book, more than 168,000 people worked in the mutual funds sector at the end of 2007. The 2009 version of the ICI Fact Book reported that fund sponsors then added more than 21,000 workers to their payrolls between 2005 and 2007, reaching a record 168,000 employees. If you manage to find (and keep) a job in the industry, you can expect to make a solid living and retain something of a life, particularly compared with the slave-labor existence of your investment banking peers.

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