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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at kpmg



This letter is to express my interest in the position of Staff Accountant/Analyst for the 2010 spring work term. After much experience working directly with clients in diverse areas of marketing and retail, I am seeking to leverage my experience in an accountant position within Deloitte. As a person who strives on strong interpersonal skills and leadership ability, I will excel in an environment that puts so much emphasis on professionalism and clientele. I have an aspiration to work for the best, and with 150 years of steady experience since its foundation and a workforce of over 7000 Canadians, it would be a privilege to join your team. I would welcome the opportunity to spend some time at Deloitte, nurturing my abilities and in turn, strengthening Deloitte?s wellbeing and influence within the industry.

I have gained much from my brief time at ***, both academically and socially. As a second year business student, my knowledge of business has expanded considerably. I developed a well-rounded understanding of business through my involvement in the *** Competition, where my group placed into the semi-finals, and through my studies I have come to comprehend the importance of business in the existence of society. I have garnered the ability to lead and communicate effectively with different types of people through an assortment of extra-curricular activities, as listed in my resume, and I have perfected my technical proficiency on computer software through a variety of workshops and course projects. I am eager to utilize these skills in the open field.

Ideally, this position will allow me the opportunity to utilize my experience gained while working as a Marketing Ambassador for ***. In this capacity, I created an effective marketing plan for the campaign and helped to increase consumer awareness on ***?s promotions. It was also a requirement to work with hundreds of prospective clients in inquiring about their needs regarding the telephone industry and constructing a plan which dealt with those needs. Additional experience includes working in retail and merchandising, and most recently, as an Experimental Brand Ambassador for ***. In this position, I promoted products from Proctor and Gamble through a variety of selective marketing techniques and compiled records of inventory for stores.

I am convinced that my experience and personal disposition, matched with the highly skilled and experienced professionals at Deloitte, will make a great combination driven by quality, motivation, and success. I would welcome the opportunity to participate in a personal interview to answer any of your questions and better present my qualifications. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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