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Sample cover letter for Internship position at kpmg


staff accountant

Dear Melissa Dalmacio,

My extracurricular activities and work experience have prepared me with the skill set I need to take on the role of a Staff Accountant at Deloitte, which will push me towards my goal in obtaining the CA/CPA designation. Two summers of work experience in customer service have demanded me to think on the spot and deliver an optimal solution under minimal supervision. Skills I acquired on the job and the credentials I have gained in the classroom make me an ideal candidate for the role of a Staff Accountant at Deloitte this coming summer.

Through these experiences, I have developed leadership, and communication skills. While volunteering at the office of Peter Fonseca (Former M.P.P. of Mississauga East), I Led a team of five people during the election campaign which eventually helped Peter Fonseca win the elections that year. The work ethic with which my team, including myself, conducted daily tasks led to an increase in awareness of Peter Fonseca in various neighborhoods of Mississauga. I strengthened my leadership skills as I had to make sure that the whole team was on the same page and thinking in the same direction with a focus on one common goal which was to promote the name of Peter Fonseca in various neighbourhoods. These skills can be transferred to the role of Staff Accountant at Deloitte.

In addition, I have been part of many sports teams throughout high school and university (e.g. Cricket and Soccer) which has helped me build my teamwork skills. I further enhanced my presentation and problem solving skills through the courses I have taken at McMaster University. In specific group project: I was assigned to create a fitness product in a group in less than forty minutes from the trash given by our marketing instructor and then had to present our product to the class. Our product called the T-Ball was awarded as the most innovative product by our instructor. Creating a product from waste was a tough job and our group worked brilliantly under pressure to create T-Ball. The Q & A session after our presentation caused us to think on our feet as we had to give accurate and satisfying answers to our audience. I believe that all these skills are transferable to my role at Deloitte.

Working as a Staff Accountant at Deloitte will help me gain exposure that I cannot gain in the classroom alone. It will also give me an inside look into what the CA/CPA designation holds for me. After attending the information session and speaking with various people from Deloitte, I feel even more motivated to connect myself with a firm like Deloitte that invests so much time and effort in its people. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss how my skills, experiences, and personal qualities will positively contribute to the firm. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

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