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Sample cover letter for Internship position at kpmg



Dear KPMG Recruiting Group:

 I believe that my years of experience working with data scientists to deliver client analytics projects, my ability to identify data needs, and my strong communication and writing skills when explaining technical and scientific results to a general audience, make me a good candidate for the position at KPMG.

I collaborated during meetings with data scientists and researchers to determine project needs and data sources and created structures to solve scientific problems. Furthermore, I recently published a book about breakthroughs in life sciences to explain technical results to the general audience. Additionally, my book discusses challenges and issues that people within the scientific and technical field face currently.

Last, but not least, in a graduate course about the transformation of economic models in healthcare, I created a presentation for students with business backgrounds to explain quantitative data analysis results in terms of financial targets and profitability of hospitals 

With my background working in the life sciences industry, knowledge about economic models in health care, and experience collborating with data scientists to deliver client analytics projects, I would be an asset to KPMG in a fast growing or emerging market.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration. Please contact me if you need further information.

[GH1]You could tie in a topic sentence that highlights the skills you will be conveying in the rest of the paragraph.

[GH2]If you have any more project management experience I might create a second paragraph on project management and financial/business background or ability to consult with clients. 

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