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Sample cover letter for Internship position at l'oreal




Dear Ms. O,

As an MBA1 at the University of School of Business concentrating in marketing, I’ve always fantasized about marketing in the beauty industry. After attending your corporate presentation and speaking with ABC about her L’Oreal internship this past summer, my interest in your firm was only strengthened. L’Oreal’s reputation as the global leader in cosmetics and advertising expert excites me, and I am eager to contribute to the company’s mission of innovation and meeting consumer needs. My leadership, creativity and teamwork skills will allow me to make a valuable contribution to L’Oreal.

Leadership: In my project management role at Verizon Wireless last summer, I was assigned to lead a team of 15 senior IT employees to implement the “Verizon Operations School Project.” I was tasked to operate all logistics of this large-scale project that would impact the lives of over 10,000 employees. By facilitating group meetings and setting timely deadlines, I executed this plan and coordinated dozens of Verizon facility tours in a few short weeks. Due to the exceptional progress I made on the project, my manager extended the program to become a mandatory training program for each IT new hire entering Verizon.

Creativity: In my Simply The Scooprole, I was responsible for identifying our target consumer and their current needs prior to site launch. To collect this data, I aggregated market analytics through alpha and beta testing on college-age users of the site, analyzed their feedback and sought improvements for the blog. With a passion to innovate, I partnered with a development team in India to redesign specific aspects of the webpage, from SEOs to site design and layout. This new site design was one of the primary strategic objectives used to increase the company’s brand awareness and revenue streams by over 20%.

Teamwork: Being one of six employees on the Silverstein marketing team, individual accountability was integral for success, especially during event planning for the 9/11 memorial ceremony. To produce a well-run outcome, I served as the liaison between the marketing team and the event team to ensure all aspects of the event were covered: from selecting guest speakers, to inviting top media outlets, to organizing the schedule and staff for the day. At L’Oreal, I will translate this same detailed and collaborative approach to effectively complete tasks and benefit the consumers.

My desire to apply my skills and work ethic to L’Oreal, coupled with my interest in the beauty industry, would enable me to become a valuable member of your team. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to be considered for your marketing internship. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.



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