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Sample cover letter for Internship position at make a wish



Dear xxx,

After spending two years at college I have discovered my

passion to work in the non-profit sector. I have grown to appreciate and understand Make-A-

Wish Foundation’s awe-inspiring accomplishments and would love to be part of it. As a leading

institution whose collaborative effort is to help life threatening medical conditioned children,

Make-A-Wish foundation enriches the community with some transformative and heartfelt

experience for the children and continues to strive to inspire others in the society.

With my past administrative experience interning at xx Asia secretariat office, I have learned the importance of organizational

and administrative skills that pays close attention to details and effective communication while

multitasking. When I was not assisting the office in drafting correspondence and reports, I was

communicating with over 50 National Focal Points in Asia on their GEF fund reports. Despite of

working alone on the tasks, I managed to keep the massive work and communication under

control. I love working with non-profit organizations and am interested in gaining further

experiences in this sector. I believe that the skills I can acquire from a non-profit organization

can help me succeed in my studies and future endeavors.

I am an active member of Kappa and have held the positions of . I currently

hold the position of Vice President . Having

immersed myself in a multicultural environment, this service-based organization has taught me

to be compassionate and caring towards people around me. I have also learned to work

proactively in a team setting. Additionally, my most recent experience as a volunteer with a

foundation that supports mentally disabled children has considerably piqued my interest in

helping the children within the community. I know my education and experience will make me a

valuable asset to your team.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration and I look forward to speaking to you. For

your review, I have enclosed my resume. Please feel free to contact me by email at.


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