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Sample cover letter for Internship position at mckinsey



I would like to work with McKinsey & Company for my summer internship.

Plotting the future actions for organizations in helping key individuals tackle significant challenges, consulting requires one to address a variety of issues. It encourages individuals to look at business issues strategically and make decisions in the best interest of their client. The plethora of challenges that arise from case to case, helps one to learn and grow. Additionally, consulting gives an international experience with exposure to diverse cultures and an opportunity to work with talented people from across the globe. For these reasons I would like to pursue consulting as a career option

McKinsey’s stress on ensuring that the clients’ interest is paramount and the initiative to establish a clear linkage between effort and tangible results clearly differentiates it from other consulting firms. A strong desire for thought leadership and an ability to realize this desire through investment in human capital makes McKinsey stand out.

All through my life, I have followed my interests with passion and zeal. With a predilection towards analytical work, I chose to pursue engineering from the ABCDl. My time at XXXX gave me an unprecedented opportunity for all round development. I was the head for several student organizations and had firsthand experience of decision making and looking at both the subjective and objective sides to an option. I believe that timeliness and working together are the keys to success. By weaving this philosophy into teams that I worked in, I successfully organized many events that were appreciated by both students and faculty. I believe that these attributes along with my Educational background build a strong case for me to pursue a career in consulting with McKinsey & Company.

Looking forward to working with the team at McKinsey.

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