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Sample cover letter for Internship position at mckinsey



PwC is a well known international company. The opportunity and privilege to work with a company that holds the leading position in the professional service industry but is also the leader in the satisfaction of its employees to deliver them a diverse training and to give them the opportunity to develop persuade me, moreover gave me the ambitious to decide I want be a part of PwC. One point, what made crucially the difference between PwC and its competition’s is the sustainability of the firm. This is the part where I can contribute significance value to the firm’s effort then based on my experience it is an important value to learn from the past, doing tomorrows work today and being driven to improve tomorrow.

With its global revenues by 7 % to 35.9 bn in 2016 PwC replaces Deloitte as world’s largest firm in the world. The decrease of 3 % compared to PwC’s revenues from 2015 and the largest size among other major accounting firms mirrors the strong competency and the leadership PwC has in the professional services industry. A Career means to go over limits. Achieve new strength by succeed competition. PwC allows me exactly this going over limits, while working hand in hand with high en clients (418 Fortune Global 500 companies and 443 FT Global 500 companies).

From the employees point of view PwC hits again the top 5 most attractive work place according to the survey of Universum. In and around PwC a majority of people are happy, proud to be a part of PwC, moreover seventy percent would even recommend PwC to be a great place to work. Therefore, I conclude that this opportunity is more a privilege, which has to be taken, than an opportunity.

The training and development is a strong argument for PwC. To have an academic background is good but PwC allows to become within three years with hard working, effort and target focusing a chartered accountant. This means while learning the ACA qualification, it can be applied into practice simultaneously. On the top of this getting a touch of the globalized world, while working with some many different cultures, will serve an unforgettable national and international experience.

Analysing the world, its population and the business today will avoid the problems from tomorrow. PwC is doing a great job towards the sustainability. In its annual sustainability report PwC make awareness towards the climate problem which has to be investigated. From the point of business, the most important player is the consumer. PwC came after a research to the conclusion that the consumer is likely to buy from sustainable business, which is good since we share all one boot and if we do not care about it we will lose it.

So to come back to the idea why, PwC is a well-rounded company, which is serious trying to get the best out for the long-term wellbeing of its employees, its environment its clients, while it goes new ways to succeed.  

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