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Sample cover letter for Internship position at monitor



Dear Sir, I would like to apply to Monitor Deloitte for my summer internship. A career in management consulting provides an individual the opportunity to solve challenging problems faced by the most reputed organizations of the world. The variety and variability in every single project will give me a chance to learn continuously and provide exposure to different aspects of a business. It will allow me to interact with talented people from across the globe and familiarize me with business practices followed in different geographies. Having attended the pre-placement talk conducted by the company on campus, followed by interaction with alumni working in the firm, the one thing that particularly stood out for me was the fact that Monitor treats every employee as an individual, instead of treating all new recruits in a year as a batch of a particular year. Another impressive aspect of the company was the extent to which the company executed its project, as was evident by the occasion when the company delivered a pitch to a newspaper company early in the morning in the format of a newspaper spread. This incident helped me understand the level of commitment of the company towards its clients as well as the opportunity provided to a fresh recruit to implement their ideas. I have always strived for excellence and desire to be associated with the best in every field. Knowledge, determination and creativity- a unique blend of these qualities have always helped me achieve my goals. I have consistently excelled at academics through my school and college. A desire to increase the breadth and depth of my knowledge made me take up quizzing. I have won reputed quiz competitions and have been an integral member of the quizzing teams at both school and college. Participating and organizing events in technical and cultural festivals have helped me in acquiring team skills and develop multi-tasking abilities. Post my graduation, I worked for ten months as a software engineer where I was the only fresh recruit who was given the opportunity to work on development and implementation of two new features in the version upgrade release of the flagship product of the company. The feature developed by me is currently being used by over fifty major chip design firms of the world. This has given me the confidence of implementing my theoretical knowledge to solve real problems in the industry. Working with Monitor Deloitte will give me the opportunity to learn a lot and I am confident that my contributions to the company will be significant.

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