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Sample cover letter for Internship position at morgan stanley



 have an extremely strong work ethic on top of being self motivated. When I am working on a project , I don’t just want to meet deadlines.Rather I prefer to complete them well ahead of schedule. Furthermore I do my projects to the best of my abilities not just for good grades or bonuses but  because I pride myself on doing my work to the best of my abilities. For example During my master's year I was required to meet several deadlines. I usually complete and submit my reports 1 week in advance to ensure everything goes smoothly. Moreover in the event of an emergency I would still have adequate time to fine tune anything. 

Another strength suit is my reliability, part of my reliability is consistently being there and available. For  example During my internship at Poten and Partners, my manager gave me a project to complete on a short amount of time . He told me that gave me the project because he knows I will deliver it on time.He was right, I handed it on time with minimal correction needed. 

I am quick learner and I pick up new information at once. For example During my internship my fellow intern and I  were given a project to complete with minimal explanation due to the fact that the manager was extremely busy.I was able to pick up what the manger wanted us to do  and complete the project with little error to the point my fellow intern  told me he was shocked as to how far I had gotten in my report. 

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