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Sample cover letter for Internship position at morgan stanley


summer intern

As a third year Mathematics student in the xxx, who is eager to start in the operations division, I was immediately determined to apply for the possibility to do a summer internship for one of the leading investment banks of the world.

The operational division has irreplaceable responsibilities to a business. It interacts with almost all divisions, making a large impact on the efficiency and performance of the company. Joining the operations division will expose me to many challenging and exciting tasks. Learning the life cycle of a trade, analysing data to support a business decision, mitigating risks and designing solutions, are all part of Operations’ job. I am more the willing to take all these responsibilities and to contribute to the company with my maximum effort.

The long track record and specific industry knowledge have led Morgan Stanley to the top position in the investment banking league tables. Not only has Morgan Stanley been setting the standard for the industry since its founding in 1935, the global network and presence in various industries also reflects an ambitious vision and ability to adapt to the constantly changing environment. Exactly these values attract me to Morgan Stanley.

As a hard working mathematics student, my strong analytical skills and problem solving skills will contribute such quantitative roles. Throughout the two years of university study, facing a countless mathematical problems to solve has taught me to formulate a problem in precise terms, identifying the key issues and also constructing logical arguments and expose illogical ones. Discussing mathematical ideas and discussing mathematics in conversation with my fellow students and lecturers have demonstrated my oral communication skills. Involving a number ofgroup presentations and essays has extensively trained my ability to work within a team and written communication skills. In addition, by having a habit of paying high attention to details, I believe this is an essential quality when identifying and resolving breaks and discrepancies in trade support.

I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely

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