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Sample cover letter for Internship position at morgan stanley


business analyst

Passion. Bain says that on every project, ‘We expect every team member to fully contribute ideas and insights.’ No shrinking violets here, then. Whatever interests or work experience you mention in your letter, make sure that your enthusiasm and interest are clear. Explain, for example, why you joined a particular group or society, what motivated you to do so and how you contribute to it. It’s also essential to show that you’re passionate about joining Bain, that you’ve done your research on the firm. Mentioning, for example, a recent project that has sparked your interest is a good idea – you’ll find several explained on the firm’s website – or that you’re impressed and inspired by the firm’s excellent track record in sustainability.

Leadership. Bain needs its consultants to be able to take charge when necessary. Think about any situations – at university or outside – where you have taken a lead role. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the ‘top’ role, just one which called for you to instruct or direct, or when others turned to you for help and guidance.

Ability to get results. Bain states that the firm’s ‘True North’, its unwavering focus, is client results. It needs to see evidence that you can set goals (or be given them), work hard to achieve them and, most importantly, achieve them. Demonstrate that you enjoy getting results, not just going through the motions. If you have ever raised money for charity, for example, or organised an event, talk about the end result, and, ideally, make it quantifiable. Don’t say ‘I worked on raising money for our local charity’; instead, say ‘By doing x or y I raised £683 for the local shelter.’

Problem solving ability. Bain says that it ‘helps the world's top leaders solve their toughest challenges’ so you need to show you’re a natural when it comes to solving problems. Take an example from a subject at university, work experience or a personal project and demonstrate how you tackled a problem and solved it. For example: ‘I had to find a solution to complex obstacle X. By carefully allocating resources Y and using innovative ideas Z, I was able to overcome it.’

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