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Sample cover letter for Internship position at morgan stanley


spring insight

Investment banking is a growing industry that shapes the commercial world, touching all our lives. This makes it an industry I am keen to explore. Attending events at financial firms has boosted my interest in the industry, making me realise banking is about much more than it seems at first. Made up of many divisions, sales & trading, finance, IBD, M&A and (not forgetting) Operations, I came to realise the multi-functional role of a firm such as Morgan Stanley. Living in London, one of the biggest financial centres in the world makes me more ambitious to explore this industry.

After attending an event at Morgan Stanley, I found people who work there are truly motivated and enthusiastic about what they do. Speaking to representatives and interns at the firm, Gianfranco (sales), Max (sales) & Oliver (industrial placement), and listening to their story, has truly inspired me to apply to Morgan Stanley. I am keen to learn from and work with such motivated and creative people. Morgan Stanley’s diversity is another respectable quality. With employees from around the globe, working at Morgan Stanley gives employees a chance to interact with diverse ranges of people, which I feel is a huge advantage over other banks.

I have previously completed the Duke of Edinburgh Silver award. This experience helped me improve my ability to cope with stress and enhance my teamwork and leadership skills, leading and motivating a team of 5 on a hike through Dartmoor. Building strong relations with team members. Given my background in teaching, I continue to build strong relations with students, motivating them to achieve their potential. I feel teaching has improved my communication skills, and ability to present difficult concepts to various audiences. I have had the opportunity to train as a Bloomberg trading terminal trainee at university. Helping me realise how markets work, improving my analytical and problem solving techniques.

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