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Sample cover letter for Internship position at morgan stanley



will start from the motivations for applying to Morgan Stanley. My studies and my personal interests have given me an

idea of which are the most inportant financial institutions, MS is one of these. Now this means that MS can offer a wide

range of employments and situations; also being one of the top players implies being an attraction pole for individuals

with the same values like passion for excellence, competitiveness, determination in pursuing objectives, deep-rooted

business ethics. This is why MS is an employer for whom i would be proud to work.

Regarding myself I think I have the right skills to join MS; I am a hard worker, competitive, determined, always trying to

find the best solution, very precise and give great attention to details in my work. I like challenges, I like having to face

changes. I think a dynamic enviroment is stimulating and working in quick changing sceneries while having to absorb

information as rapidly as possible is what I am looking for. The division I have chosen for this application is PWM, not

only because of my genuine interest towards the subject but for other reasons too. Features I appreciate mostly are the

strict contact with markets (therefore a dynamic enviroment) and the conceivement of management strategies in order to

satisfy clients. I'd like to add that personally the portfolio optimization and management looks to me particularly attractive

and stimulating, to this aim I have included specific exams in my Master of Science course.

These are the reasons for my application, MS looks to me a very attractive place where to work and have a chance to

prove my skills. Working for MS would make me very proud and be a great goal for me.

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