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Sample cover letter for Internship position at motorola



Dear Madam/Sir

I am currently pursuing MS (computer Science) form University of Texas at Dallas and seeking for a summer/fall internship. I am also working as an hourly research assistant under Prof. Lawrence Chung at my university on a Google App Engine research awardedcloud-computing project called Silverlining. Thisproject focuses on migration of a complex architecture to cloud and its evaluation by simulation and benchmarking

Prior to joining University of Texas at Dallas, I worked for ZS Associates as Technology Analyst, where I gained substantial knowledge & hands-on experience of Product management, Datawarehousing and ETL/Informatica development.

Through online career portal, I learned about organization's present career opportunities and by this letter i want to express my extreme interest in pursuing internship at Motorola. I believe that Motorola is not only a place where technology and ideas go hand in hand but it also provide an environment where new grads like us get a chance to pool in fresh ideas and methodologies which get integrated with the larger system.

I also feel the firm's diverse clientele, large market capitalization, and well established program would provide me with an invaluable experience to complement my educational learning. I believe that I would succeed in the firm's exciting and motivated environment and that my strong work ethics, ability, and passion would make me a valuable asset to your firm.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to pursue a full time internship at Motorola in the near future.


Saurabh Choudhary

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