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Sample cover letter for Internship position at nielsen


business analyst

Thank you for considering me for the intern position in your esteemed organization. SAP is definitely a dream company to work with for any data scientist or business analyst whether they are starting or far down in their career.

‘Pyramids, but not ladders’, these words by Carol Bartz is the code by which I approach my professional life and this is the reason I selected Business Analytics as it allows me to strengthen my base in various laterals of mathematics, programming and business. I’m a continuous learner who is self-motivated and is always looking to improve the quality of code and the approach I have used to solve a particular problem. During the formative years of my professional life to satisfy my hunger for knowledge, I enrolled myself for online courses at coursera.org such as Natural Language Processing, Computing for Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Algorithms, and Introduction to Data Science. Coursera influenced me by deepening my knowledge in the field of data science, computer science and it kept alive my interest in classroom learning and abreast with latest trends and technologies of the industry.

My experience in Python and R makes me the right fit for this position as I have robust experience in these two languages and used them for cleaning, preparing and analyzing data. Implemented various NLP tools such as NLTK, Stanford parser in python and while implementing the classifiers of NLTK I built a strong understanding of concepts like Naïve Bayes, decision trees and Support vector machines. I worked with my team to build a social network engine which detects the negative tweets by a customer and engages the user to resolve issues and thereby enhancing brand value and helped to improve feedback system and retain customers. This involved extensive text analytics using NLTK and Pandas. We built a robust SVM based classifier which was able to identify the key words from the given post and redirect the issue to the right department. 

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