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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at parthenon




I am a 4th year student of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur, India.

My CV is herewith attached for your ready perusal.

My ascension up tomy current position as a Final year student in one of the premier institutes of the country has made me capable of this position. As a student in school I’ve successfully maintained a stellar academic record while involving myself in other extra-curricular tasks such as that of a Prefect, Member of the Cricket Team, Quiz team and also the Dramatics team. As an under graduate student I have undertaken academic projects with prerequisites alien to me at the given point which has given me an empowering experience improving my capability of extensive research on a topic, enhancing my learning rate of different required concepts and improving my approach to a problem. Due to these experiences I have developed a predilection to tasks demanding such skills.

This has attracted me to this position as it demands fast learning rate, extensive research abilities and also a broader outlook while solving a given complicated problem, and thus I believe I can significantly contribute, and be a valuable asset to the esteemed company.

I have carried my passion for dramatics to my college and have actively participated in cultural events. Since we have to manage our practices with our academic demands it has been a valuable experience for me as it has developed my time management capabilities, enhanced my ability to function efficiently for long hours, and as dramatics requires performance as a team or cast, it has also given me a valuable experience on team work, co-operating tasks and also as a creative leader being the director in plays.

Parthenon is a huge name in advisory business and has a huge diverse set of clients. Being a strategic advisor to such a variety of clients requires efficient solutions to various disparate set of problems which in itself shows the level of creativity , efficiency, analytic capability and dedication of the organisation . I truly aspire to work in an environment that requires me to adapt and analyse different problems and generate efficient results helping me to constantly surpass myself as a professional

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