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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at pathenon



Four years in college and what have I learned? Plenty! Plenty that I can

apply directly to the entry-level position you advertised in this Sunday’s

City Times.

The drive to focus and achieve: Your firm’s success depends upon the

ability of your staff to grasp a problem, evaluate the best way to solve it,

and then work until the solution is in hand. This is precisely the process

I followed all four years to graduate with a 3.80 average.

Flexibility and creativity: A business gets stale when it recycles the

same ideas time and time again. When you hire me, you get someone

who thinks for himself, and who is not afraid to suggest new ways to

approach a task, as I did as the Student Representative responsible for

researching and updating State University’s Ethics Standards to reflect

the difficult issues facing today’s students and faculty.

The ability to work with a diverse population: Having been raised in

a multiethnic environment, educated in a multicultural institution, and

with a degree in Psychology, I am well equipped to interact productively

with customers and staff from a variety of backgrounds, with a range of

priorities, and from the stockroom to senior management.

An interview would grant me the opportunity to demonstrate my

abilities. I will call you soon to see if we might meet. Or you can reach

me at the number listed below.

Thank you in advance for considering me.


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