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Sample cover letter for Internship position at pwc


strategy consultant

am a penultimate year student pursuing a business and economics degree at the University of Manchester and I wish to apply for summer internship in the corporate strategy sub division under the strategy consulting division at your company.

As a peer mentor of the BA Economics Scheme in my university, I had the opportunity to attend a course on Leadership and teamwork conducted by the PwC. During this course, I was briefed about the various career opportunities available within your company and the division which interested me the most is the corporate strategy division under strategy consulting as it deals with generating strategies to help businesses improve their performance.

My interest in consulting stems from early teenage when my father, an entrepreneur, explained the working of business to me which made me pursue Business and Management as a core subject in the International Baccalaureate in high school and this interest further persuaded me to work towards a degree in Business and Economics at Manchester University.

 The main factors which drive me to work with your company are your values of work ethics, provision of multicultural work environment and acceptance of candidates from different backgrounds. Also, on attending the leadership course conducted by you, I learnt a lot about the values practised by your company and I was exposed to feedback from your current employees which was impressive and persuaded me to apply for summer internship with your organisation.

My experience from the internship at Nature’s Avenue integrated with my academic exposure to business gives me the required intellectual and analytical skills to intern.I am confident that I also possess the necessary communication skills and team working abilities.My roles as student ambassador and course representative stand as proof. I have taken the opportunity of the leadership and team working course offered by your company to enhance these skills. My 2.1 qualification amidst my internship at BBC and other extra curricular roles reassures my focus.I value contributing to welfare and have taken up voluntary roles like peer mentoring and representing Indian society and will also contribute my best to the growth of PwC.

My desire to excel together with my qualifications ascertain me that I would make a successful intern at PwC and I am looking forward to attend an interview with your company.

Yours sincerely,

Riddi Viswanathan

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