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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at sample6



Dear Hiring Manager,


I am X a master’s graduate in molecular and microbiology seeking the

research associate position with sample6..

As an ardent science student from my school days, knowing about the complicated machinery of

the human body, exploring the world of DNA, RNA, proteins and the cell as a whole never

ceased to interest me. My master’s thesis has given me a bird’s eye view of molecular biology

research and has proved to be a nexus between my academic knowledge and actual laboratory


I consider my work as a research assistant in a nucleic acid biochemistry lab, to be well-rounded

with hands-on-training in a wide array of molecular biology techniques. My master’s thesis

involved various facets of Biotechnology like molecular mutagenesis, protein purification,

characterization assays, crystallization, phage display and ELISA.

The project was an intellectually challenging experience as it provided numerous opportunities to

design experiments, learn new scientific techniques and write a first author paper. It invariably

helped me groom myself as a molecular biologist, develop my troubleshooting abilities and build

up organizational skills.

I have always believed in strong scientific exposure and have strived to attain the same through

my research experiences as a volunteer as well as a full time employee. Understanding new

scientific concepts, strengthening my technical portfolio of skills and mentoring undergraduate

students was extremely gratifying. I was also fortunate to gain some valuable insight into a start-

up environment as research associate/volunteer. The scientific growing and

grooming has further helped me ascertain my passion for science.

Together my research experiences have helped me recognize my strengths as an adaptable,

reliable and affable researcher and have instilled in me the confidence to take it forward to a

higher end research platform. I believe that my research credentials and my strong inclination

towards motivational research make me a suitable candidate for your research associate position.

I look forward to meet with you and discuss my career interests and professional aspirations.

Thank You.

Yours sincerely,


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