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Sample cover letter for Internship position at sepnet


data analytics intern

I am writing to apply for the above position as advertised in the SEPNet Summer Placements scheme. I am currently undertaking a masters (MSci) Astrophysics degree at Queen Mary University of London and am interested in the research project intake for summer 2015. Please find enclosed my CV as requested.

I am interested in a career in research and have always harboured a keen interest in problem solving. My strengths in mathematics and understanding fundamental aspects of data analysis make this a perfect opportunity to further develop my current skillset. I wish to gain a valuable insight into how numbers affect real marketing strategies, as a career in marketing is something I am considering after my degree.

As an astrophysics student I have had to use research skills and problem solving throughout my degree. As part of every module we undertake problem solving is at the heart of every weekly coursework we complete. I recently completed my dissertation on “The Hot Big bang model, Dark Matter and Dark Energy” in this I had to use critical reading to understand large amounts of data from satellites and to make relevant connections and understand patterns between observation and theory. In a report on “line emission spectra wavelengths” I was required to make use of statistical techniques to ensure my results were in agreement with actual results as found by lab experts. I feel my problem solving , data analysis and ability to establish connections will greatly aid me if successful for this position.

In my work experience at GlaxoSmithKline I was required to create a presentation on the basics of the company to potential new recruits and suppliers. This entailed researching and learning the ins and outs of the company. I was required to go through large amounts of data and find relevant information that may encourage people to join the company in the future. I have demonstrated leadership and team working qualities during my time on duke of Edinburgh where we were required to lead an expedition and use teamwork to complete the objective. I have demonstrated effective communication skills during my time as a hockey coach . I was constantly finding patterns between enjoyable drills and implementing new effective strategies to best involve all age ranges.

Having read and researched the SEPNet internships I feel this opportunity to work at Paperfold Cocomino is one that would benefit me greatly. I am particularly drawn to the

App and its easy to use nature. However an improvement I feel that it could be made easier with pop up dialogue boxes during the start up which assist you through the process.

I am available for an interview at any time and hope to hear from you in due course

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