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Sample cover letter for Internship position at tiuyru




Hi all. So I'm applying for actuarial internships and I've prepared a cover letter. Suggestions please.

Also, I'm becoming kind of anxious as I apply to more and more internships. If anyone could post what internships they've been offered and their qualifications, it would give a really good idea of where I stand. Thanks!

To whom it may concern,
I am interested in a position as an actuarial intern. I am looking to work in any sector of insurance, as my purpose is to gain experience and to start applying the material I have been covering for the SOA exams. I have passed the SOA P exam and am planning to take the FM exam in June 2012.

I am currently in my third year at university and I plan to graduate in May 2013. I am majoring in Mathematics and minoring in Statistics and Economics. While at university, I have taken a number of very interesting math courses which range from partial differential equations with introductory applications to physics to classes in analysis that require proof-writing, courses in which I did well. Also, for my Economics minor, I have done courses in Game Theory, Financial Economics and Econometrics. While one has given me a feel for the theoretical side of Economics, while another has shown me how Economics is applied in the world of corporate finance. Econometrics gave me experience with STATA software and I am now learning SAS, VBA and MYSQL. Additionally, I have done courses in Philosophy, English and Music. I find that the diversity of courses has made for a very well-rounded college experience.

My most recent job was as a math tutor at Talent Development. I worked with young children as well as teenagers, guiding them through school work as well as material for the ACT. I was pleased to see that after working with me, their performance in school improved. I would also report on students’ progress to the parents and in turn would address their concerns. For this job, not only did I have to teach, but I had to find ways to communicate effectively as well as reach precise learning goals with my students.

I am also an associate member of the Economics Honors Society. This club gave me many opportunities to network with alumni, professors, and other students. In Spring 2011, I participated in Economic's club's Forecasting Competition. I worked with five other Math/Economics majors to put together a presentation in which we forecasted the following figures for 2011: GDP, S&P 500, Unemployment Rate, Inflation, Fed Funds Rate, and the 10 Year Treasury. My component was GDP, for which I researched and discussed consumption, government spending, gross investments and net exports. I presented data concerning personal income, personal debt, fiscal policy, war expenditures, the Baltic Dry Goods Index, the Industrial Production Index, as well as the supply and demand of crude oil. I am confident that this experience has given me the skills that will aid me as an actuarial intern.

I believe that the combination of academic and work experiences I have had during my years at university prepares me well for the acturial profession. I hope to gain even more experience as I continue to progress through the SOA exams

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