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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at tricon


operation analyst



I wish to express my interest for the position of Vice President / President - Operations in your esteemed organization.

In my professional experience of past 7 years as a process engineer, I have led cross functional teams and delivered many projects from planning till implementation. Over the years operations and project management become a skill set in which I developed expertise. To leverage the past knowledge, I want to pursue a career in the field of operational strategy and Amazon is renowned to be at the cutting edge of operational excellence and customer service. In addition to the above mentioned, I would also like to mention here that I was working for CESC Ltd who were responsible for electrifying the city of Kolkata. Thus customer centricity was at the core of our business since electricity is an essential commodity and failing to supply to one household even for one moment meant loss of revenue for the organisation. Having mentioned the above expertise and seeing the similarity between the functionality of the two businesses, I believe that this program will give me a perfect platform to build upon my existing skill set while propelling me further into leadership in operations.

Beside my professional career, I have also been a part of the International Archery Federation and have organized and officiated in various international events like the Youth Olympic Games, Asian Games and Commonwealth Games. These are projects which required extreme precision in execution as the deadlines were not only hard to change but also, if missed, had far reaching consequencesinvolving all the stake holders of the games. Having worked under such pressure situation and having lead teams comprising of people from different nationality, I am confident that I can use these experiences to lead & enhance the team’s output, even under most strenuous environment.

Trident’s operational role is known for developing strong leaders. This program nurtures future leaders by training them in the most challenging and diverse business environment. My engineering background, work experience and business education equips me with the knowledge required to address the key challenges from an analytical as well as business perspective.

To me, this program at Trident is a great opportunity to propel my career progression that is move from the complete technical domain to a techno-commercial decision making position in the organization.

At Trident, I hope to be a part of the “Make in India” revolution and contribute towards sustainable growth of the company.

Following this EOI, is my comprehensive resume for your reference. Looking forward to your response, which would allow me to be a part of this great organization.

Warm regards,

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