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Sample cover letter for Internship position at ubs


summer intern in finance

Dear Ms. Soria:

Through my recent exploration of job opportunities, I came across the 2013 UBS Premiere Summer Internship Program offered by your prestigious top worldwide financial firm UBS. I was particularly interested and enthusiastic about this internship offered by your prestigious firm, as its description fits my personality and learning style. Through the commitment, flexibility and adaptability model, I know that I can rapidly adapt to multi-task environments demanding high levels of effort and efficiency. Likewise, I know I can be able to obtain business knowledge and apply it with a positive, committed and efficient attitude. This is a fascinating chance to intensively apply my consulting, financial, marketing and management skills learned through my international academic experiences in a challenging and rewarding environment.

I am currently enrolled in XXXX since the spring semester of 2012, through a Joint degree program that exists with the Faculty of Business Administration at XXXX. Fortunately, I was able to earn this distinguished scholarship that covers 50% of my expenses and allows me to earn a Double Major in Marketing and Management Consulting from XXXXalong with a XXXX.

As Summer Intern at AAAA I assisted the Senior Account Supervisor in researching trending data and information in several industries such as coal and energy markets. I also researched important industry news for different industries that were essential to prepare an Industry Media Intelligence Brief for the Partners and Board of the firm. Finally I was able to develop and construct a finished portfolio of 30 potential client profiles and companies that was used by the Main Partners to target and reach new clients with new services and proposals.

In my experience of being member of BBBB I made part of a consulting group that developed and designed a financial model that optimized capital and resources for DDDD . I was the leader of the Research and Assumptions division and was responsible of elaborating and presenting different scenarios in order to solver major production issues in the company. Moreover, I also made part of the funding division in which I examined and evaluated many capital raising mechanisms for the company and suggested many funding alternatives that were used in the final financial model that was presented to the owner of the company. By working in a consulting project I learned to deal with real world clients and was able to know the importance of understanding and analyzing the client’s expectations and providing with solutions under difficult pressure scenarios.


Through my Social Responsibility class, I volunteered for a government owned food bank that serviced a community in DDDD . In order to receive assistance, customers needed to fill out a confusing hand written application. By leading a team of four members, I designed a new online tool that now allows new customers to come to the food bank to fill out an easier streamlined application. Moreover, I gained experience in building relationships with customers as my duty focused on understanding their difficulties and coming up with creative and efficient ideas that would facilitate their submission process.

I am also currently a volunteer at CCCC with WWWW. My job focuses on developing and assisting many cultural and entrepreneurial projects including community involvement and service activities but also researching and proposing alternatives for startup businesses. I think that being a volunteer  me the chance of learning about different social, economical and cultural environments that can help complement my business knowledge from an international perspective, but is also the opportunity of helping others reach their goals and projects.

I am also currently a Computer Lab Assistant Worker at the Management Technology Center at FFFF . I am in responsibility of providing hardware and software solutions to all students at professors and also providing with information technology services to members of the Business School. Such experience has been very important and grateful for me as I have gained customer relations experience and learned to deal with pressure situations.

Last,t I can offer your company an international business perspective and provide my enhanced English and Spanish communication skills in a committed and useful way for your company. Working for UBS Puerto Rico would be an honor and would give me the precise tools I require to fit in a competitive business world.

I look forward to discussing how my experiences and qualifications can contribute to your fast growing global financial firm, UBS. I can be contacted at SSSS.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration. Sincerely,

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