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Brand Consciousness is one of the most increasing social illness around the world and consequently in Pakistan too. Usually observed in Upper-middle class society of Pakistan. It includes spending ridiculously extravagant amount of money on buying products or services which have a label on them also known as "Brand". "Branded" is the word which indicates that the item is considered to trademark a Specific product or services. 

Such as Men spending large sum in buying Rolex Watches and a simple black shirt,but with a label of Adadis on it,along with Jordans. Women are equally obsessed to Victoria secret's Lingerie and Micheal Kors Bags along with MAC's Makeup. But In Pakistan,Trendy Lawn is what drives women Crazy. Lawn season arrives and here they go, Blocking roads and populating Markets in a race of buying their Branded lawns.

Not only do these Lawn Hunters spend large amount of their finance in buying a branded Lawn but they also Waste a lot of time and energy in scrolling from one shop to another. Usually in the sale season,Roads are found to be Blocked around markets and females are scattered around Lawn shops.Branded Lawn is an industry that is helping all these Auntiesseem like designers and millionaires and Feed their Self-esteem as they feel very Classy.

In Conclusion, No matter what other fabric they wear, it never fills their desire to Stuff their wardrobe with more and more Lawn and branded Products thus leading to a huge imbalance in distribution of wealth in Pakistan. Whereas, the same money could have been utilized in more productive sectors such as Charity or Business investments or even Savings. As the most important thing is to not waste your money and time because money is replaceable but your time is not.

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