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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at unilever


graduate program

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to express my interest for a place at the Unilever’s Future Leaders Programme in the finance department. Having been informed about the programme through ..... I felt immediately compelled to apply. I see this opportunity within Unilever as an excellent foundation to involve myself in intricacies of such a prestigious company and develop my understanding of the industry as a whole.

I became attracted to finance after attending a career services conference last year at ..... Since then, discussions with ...... alumni and my professional experiences have further confirmed my interest in the field. With more than 80 years of history, Unilever has become an international giant with more than 400 brands worldwide, it combines the best of local knowledge and global expertise to offer its clients bespoke solutions no matter their location. Furthermore, after the company presentation at ..... I had the opportunity to learn more about Unilever’s culture, which I believe is really conducive to one’s personal and professional growth. For an aspiring graduate this supportive culture combined with the career progression possibilities and agile working environment has set Unilever apart from its competitors as the place to be.

Throughout my college career I have acquired and fine-tuned valuable skills such as analysing problems, articulating my opinions and succeeding in an extremely competitive environment. Academically, I have excelled in all of my subjects: being ranked top 5 per cent of the students in my year shows that I have stamina and am eager to learn. Furthermore, as a student I have endeavoured to gain as much work experience as possible therefore I fully understand how important it is to have a great team dynamics in today’s multi-disciplinary business environment. During my internship with I had the opportunity to hone my analytical and research skills, make presentations and support senior bankers in their daily work. Moreover, my last experience in has especially fostered my ability to work in teams under time constraints and to handle responsibility. Both experiences have been clearly finance oriented and have solidified my interest in the field. Finally, I want to highlight my strong attention to detail and my enthusiasm towards anything I am responsible for or involved in.

For all these reasons mentioned above, I consider this programme in Unilever to be an ideal beginning to my professional career. I hope that you will find me well qualified for this position and I would like to reiterate my strong interest in discussing this opportunity and my qualification with you further.

Thank you for your time and interest and I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

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