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Sample cover letter for Internship position at vmware


summer internship

Tip 1:The preparation – it's all about making that all important start

Remember: The wording in the advert is the first source of information about your potential employer. Read the text carefully and pay attention to the words selected: What qualifications and personal qualities are required; what does the potential employer attach a great deal of importance to in the advert? Adjust the style of your application accordingly - this could mean writing a more traditional type of application or taking a more creative approach. Whatever way, it should be adjusted to suit the wording and the contents of the advert.

Tip 2:The application documents – it's all about presentation!

There’s no second chance to make a first impression – and that’s your application form on your potential employer’s desk. Your “calling card” is your portfolio, which comprises a cover letter, CV with photo and copies of your certificates. Be careful when compiling your portfolio, avoid making careless mistakes, make sure your spelling is correct and the document is clear and inviting to read. Explain your motivation for applying for the job and why you want to work for the company.

Tip 3:The portfolio – it’s all about quality and not quantity
The motto is as short and as detailed as possible Mountains of documents and countless certificates will only cause the recipient to groan and complain. As a rule of thumb the cover letter is written on one page, as is the CV. No more than 6 certificates should be added to the application. Put the portfolio into a correctly addressed envelope that has not been folded.

Tip 4:The cover letter – it's all about making contact
Your contact details in the letterhead are therefore crucial. Don’t only state your name and your address, but also the telephone number where you can be most easily reached. Address your application to a specific person, i.e. the contact partner concerned, and avoid writing generalising set phrases like “Dear Ladies and Gentlemen”. Quote the subject line in the advert you are referring to and then start mentioning your motivations for answering.

Tip 5:No empty phrases – it’s all about keeping 

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