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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at volvo


international graduate programme

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am student at school enrolled in the International Masters in Management seeking a placement within the Heineken International graduate program Procurement.

My interest in the graduate program stems from the “A Day at Volvo” event I participated in, which I found to be thoroughly stimulating and in line with my ambitions. What appeals to me about Volvo and its corporate culture is the similarity it strikes with my personality. For instance I am driven to achieve excellent results in the same way that Volvo does by strategically positioning itself as a premium car brand. I find Volvo’s responsibility and commitment to the environment particularly motivating. The thought of making a difference at an organization that makes millions of lives better drives me. Furthermore, the international nature of the program enables me to expand my horizons and continue to develop my cross-cultural skills.

Prior to my postgraduate education, I was immersed in co-founding an online real-estate platform in Peru. At this company, we constantly needed to adapt our strategy, as our competitors were quick to respond to our initiatives. Dealing with a culturally diverse group of both team members and investors required managerial expertise that I was successfully able to display. Such experiences improved my agile working techniques and my ability to accurately work under pressure.

The professional experience that I gained vastly enhanced my analytical and problem solving skills. While I believe that my endeavors have given me a business-oriented approach, I wish to improve my skills in order to become a successful leader. I am confident that combining my experiences with the guidance and training at Volvo will provide the unique foundation that I require to achieve my professional goals.

Other than the experiences from my start-up, I have had a variety of part-time jobs, all of which required me to work as part of a team and deal directly with customers. I find my work as a floor manager particularly valuable in developing a customer-oriented mind-set, as I was responsible for their wellbeing.

At this stage I find it essential to be challenged and make a tangible difference through my work. I view Volvo’s Global Graduate program as the ideal platform to achieve these goals and constantly develop myself under the firm’s leadership oriented corporate culture. Moreover, I am convinced that my prior experiences demonstrate the committed and motivated attitude that I would like to bring to the company.

I would be delighted to further discuss my motives and I am looking forward to your response.

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