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Sample cover letter for Internship position at work



Dear xxx

My name isXXX and I am a penultimate year student at XXX. I was highly impressed with your firm at the clerkship seminar and therefore wish to apply for the 2012/13 clerkship program.

Why I want to work at your firm?

My academic background, experience and interests are also well suited to the position.

I am passionate about education and have enjoyed and excelled at my studies. This is reflected in my distinction average over the past three years at UTS. I have also been ranked in the top 10% of my cohort and was invited to join the Golden Key International Honour Society. My success can be attributed to my strong work ethic and passion to learn.

I am currently working as a volunteer paralegal at the Australian Centre For Disability Law. The work is emotionally overwhelming but it has given me the opportunity to understand the hardships faced by people with disabilities. I have also had the opportunity to work directly on cases involving discrimination in employment and education. My responsibilities include liaising with clients, drafting advice letters and working closely with the principal solicitor in understanding the Anti Discrimination Act and the Disability Discrimination Act. I have also had the opportunity of working as a research assistant. The research I was involved in was aimed at establishing a link between auditor remuneration and the quality of accounting numbers. The project was undertaken in light of corporate scandals such as Centro and Enron. The work is a good reflection of my knowledge and interest in the corporate law sector. The work also reflects my research skills and ability to use online databases. I have also undertaken a variety of other work, which is highlighted in my resume.

In my spare time I enjoy giving back to the community. I assist organisations such as Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience and Sudanese Australian Interactive Learning program. I find such work rewarding and am extremely passionate about it. I also enjoy watching and making films, playing the saxophone, fishing, cooking, collecting coins and running.

Growing up in a family of accountants and financial advisors, I am interested in and feel passionately about the commercial sector. My interest and passion has translated into an attempt to trade currencies and closely following the financial press. My interest in this area means I would be willing to work in most practice groups. However, I am particularly interested in tax. I find tax intricate and intellectually challenging. Tax laws are constantly evolving to reflect social and economic policy, which makes this area dynamic. In addition, taxes affect every person directly or indirectly, which would provide me with diverse work and clients. The area will also allow me to blend my accounting and law backgrounds.

I wish to thank you for your time and would like an opportunity to interview with your selection team.

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