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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at


Policy Analyst

I can bring to this position over eight years administrative experience working for two organisations supporting the work of criminal investigators and liaison officers involved in European cross-border cooperation. Guided by my strong commitment to working in an environment which values teamwork and results, I am confident that I could successfully contribute my administrative, organisational and communication skills in the position of Administrative Assistant to the Head of [R1] .

In addition to proven office management and drafting skills and an ability to work to a high level of proficiency in both English and French, I have a strong record as an organiser of meetings, conferences and stakeholder events. Last year, for example, I coordinated the administration of an inter-agency seminar on cyber-crime investigation with over 100 participants from 20 EU countries. At the same time, in response to the trend towards more video-conference communication between member states to improve business efficiency, I recently took an active lead in a project to establish new guidelines for remote multi-participant meetings which were subsequently adopted by the organisation[R2] .

My experience at XYZ in two different departments has given me a broad-based knowledge of administrative best practices in a European inter-agency environment, including the correct handling of sensitive and confidential material. I enjoy supporting the work of multi-disciplinary teams and maintaining active and regular liaison with all branches as well as external partners. I have also gained an understanding of the key administrative challenges facing organisations during periods of change and [R3] .

Furthermore, my experience of serving on a number of interview panels has given me a grounding in personnel-related issues, something I am keen to take further in the next step of my career. To improve my knowledge of financial administration, I am currently studying for a diploma in public sector accounting which includes aspects of budget review[R4] .

I am a committed, resourceful and flexible team player who enjoys the challenges of a multicultural working environment. As well as developing my own career in international administration at a higher level of responsibility, this position would allow me to make a contribution to XXX’s work[R5] . I look forward to expanding further on my candidacy in an interview.

[R1]Gives a brief overview of relevant experience, expresses interest in the position , and announces some of the skills which will be developed with examples in subsequent paragraphs. No need to repeat the career history from the CV.

[R2]The second paragraph highlights the candidate’s strong points, beginning with the organisation of meetings and conferences – a key competency required in the job. Two specific examples are given which create a relevant link with the vacancy and a sense of personal and professional achievement.

[R3]The third paragraph focuses on the candidate’s knowledge of organisational and administrative skills which are likely to be valued in the job.

[R4]The final paragraph in the body of the letter identifies some ‘value added’ experiences and skills which are relevant to the job. Also mentions ongoing training in an area which is a potential weakness for the candidate.

[R5]The letter closes with a statement of personal qualities, again using some words from the vacancy, and a positive statement of how both the candidate and the organisation will benefit.

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