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Fulbright Scholarship Essay Example - English Teaching Assistantship Proposal

Statement of Grant Purpose

As an English major and Cognitive Science minor, I have focused my course of study on language, the process of language acquisition, the linguistics of the English language, and the literature of the United States and Britain. In addition, through my university’s Take 5 Scholars Program and with the guidance of our Skalny Center for Polish and Central European Studies, I have explored an interdisciplinary study of Central and Eastern Europe, focusing on the region’s history, cultures, politics, and languages. This course of study sparked my interest in Poland. This interest was further fueled by my internship with the U.S. Department of State, where I worked alongside ForeignService Officers who had served in Warsaw and directly observed Poland’s transition to democracy.With my strong background in English literature and Polish studies, I am seeking a Fulbright EnglishTeaching Assistantship to Poland. In addition to my native knowledge of English grammar, I am eager to share my passion for American literature and utilize the works of different authors andpoets—from Nathaniel Hawthorne to Maya Angelou—to open discussion about American history and culture. I will be further aided in this venture by my previous teaching experiences and my strong communicative skills.

In addition to my coursework, my extensive practical experience teaching English prepares me well for the role of an English Teaching Assistant. While studying abroad in Vienna, I interned at an Austrian high school, teaching English grammar and American culture to Austrian adolescents and sharing my country’s literature, songs, foods, holidays, and political system. In the United States, I have volunteered for the past four years as a tutor and classroom assistant at various elementary schools, focusing on working with non-native English speakers—some of whom have known noEnglish at all—to improve their English grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and reading skills.Furthermore, I am a Writing Fellow at the University of Rochester and a tutor for my peers. I enjoy working with university students, both native and non-native English speakers, and through my tutoring sessions, I utilize a process of questions, discussion, and instruction to help improve their overall writing skills.

As a supplement to my teaching experience, I will engage with the local Polish community by hosting an English-language book club. This book club will aim to involve local residents who might not be university students but who may be interested in improving their English. Furthermore, as research project to more fully utilize the resources around me, I plan to explore the role of local democratic leaders in Poland’s transition to a modern European democracy. Twenty years ago, Poland held the Eastern Bloc’s first truly democratic elections, and the success of Solidarity paved the way for peaceful revolutions in the other European communist countries. Leaders such as LechWalesa and Václav Havel rose to the presidency in their respective countries; however, I am interested in what became of the less well-known regional leaders of Solidarity after the 1989elections. For example, after improving my language skills in a provincial capital such as Poznan orLublin, I would utilize resources such as interviews with local residents, archives, and old newspapers to trace the path of the Solidarity leaders of that specific region and the role that they played in Poland’s democratic transition and trajectory of successful political and economicDevelopment.

On my return to the U.S., I will continue to employ the skills I honed while teaching, my improved knowledge of the Polish language and culture, and the discoveries of my supplemental study. I plan to pursue a career in international relations, focused on the region of Central andEastern Europe with a particular interest in the area of education. My experience teaching English inPoland will be a cornerstone for developing this career.

Original Source: University of Rochester

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