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Gates Millennium Scholarship Essay Example on Leadership Experience

Discuss a leadership experience you have had in any area of your life: School, work, athletics, family, church, community, etc. How and why did you become a leader in this area? How did this experience influence your goals?

Two years ago, my friend asked me to join SHERPAS (Student Host Enhancing Recreation Program and Services), a Metro Park Tacoma’s youth program. From a person who was timid and could not speak English fluently, I became the leader of a group of ten kids from 8 to 12 year old. To achieve that accomplishment, I have learned a lot from SHERPAS training and my SHERPAS supervisor. Indeed, taking charge of a group of kids is a valuable experience that helps me become more mature and responsible, and also motivates my dream of becoming a nurse.

From the first meeting of SHERPAS, I already knew the purpose of this program is not only volunteer service but also helping members gain leadership skills. As a member of SHERPAS, my main duties are setting up and running games at the park events. To help its members become good leaders, SHERPAS hold monthly leadership training which provides a lot of fun and creative activities. Besides that, the training also shows me how to solve the conflict and react if unexpected issues happen. For instance, there are not only normal kids but also disable kids join the activities. Besides that, the training also shows me how to solve the conflict and react if unexpected issues happen. For instance, there are not only normal kids but also disable kids join the activities. How to get the kids equally take part in the game, how to take responsibility when their parents are not around, and how to keep every kid safe are what I gained from those trainings. All of these leadership skills I have observed in my supervisor, a humorous person but strict enough to critique on every member in order to encourage higher responsibility, creativity, and management of individual at the next event. Because of him, I have a leader model to follow and amend my skills.

Honestly, at my first event with SHERPAS, instead of leading the game, I let the kids get me involved in it. The innocence and active participation of the kids inspired me to step over the shyness and voluntarily take charge as a leader. As I realize, my pronunciation is not as bad as I used to think. Playing with kids if not an easy job since they are extremely spontaneous and easily get bored. Moreover, some kids do not follow the rule. At that time, I find the training quite useful. For any events, I always make my section as attractive as it can be. With my clearest and strong voice, I state the instruction of the game. And when the game is on, I become a kid and actively participate with them. To make the competition more challenging and fascinating to the kids, I add new rules and object to every higher level of the game until finding the winner. Though I am flexible and able to create different games based on provided materials, I am not a good player and never win in any game. Oddly, the kids think that is fair for them and they enjoy the game more than ever when the leader is out. Volunteering for many events and programs besides SHERPAS, I have compiled a quite number of games. Additionally, I am flexible and react quickly to the situation. When kids get bored, I already have a game plan for them. Therefore, they would never be dismal with my games and especially my jokes.

Since I want to become a nurse, this volunteer experience is invaluable, especially when I work with young children. Unlike the adults, children are very sensitive when dealing with pain and emotional issues. When staying in the hospital, they are already lack the enjoyment of childhood and friendship. Therefore, as a nurse who wants to alleviate the physical and mental pain for them, I do not desire them to see me as a scary person but an amiable friend who always brings fun activities and a happy moment to them. Hopefully, they can somehow forget the solitude and heavy atmosphere in the hospital beside the pain.

SHERPAS has played a more important role than training me to become a leader. Thanks to SHERPAS and the kids at the park event, I have stepped out of my different self and discover my strength in designing variety of games. Furthermore, I can imagine myself befriending small patients in the hospital by the essential experience that SHERPAS has bought.

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