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MindSumo, Inc. is currently located in Durham, North Carolina and is a member of the American Underground. Founded in 2011 in San Francisco, California, MindSumo was a participant in StartX, the Stanford Student Startup Accelerator, and received funding from some of the top investors in Silicon Valley, including Voyager Capital, Google Ventures, Data Collective, and StartFund.
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  • Keaton graduated from Johns Hopkins University, where he studied business and history. He previously worked in Oracle Corporation's analyst relations and PR divisions, and has been a part of multiple political campaigns.
    Keaton Swett
    Co-Founder & CEO
  • Keryn is a motivated, fun-spirited NC State grad. She's a people person and loves connecting with individuals from all walks of life. In her spare time, Keryn can be found at a concert, eating delicious food, or binge watching HBO with her dog.
    Keryn Murphy
    Business Development Lead
  • A lifelong psychology enthusiast and published researcher, Molly focused in cognitive psychology and psycholinguistics at UNC-Chapel Hill. Molly manages and optimizes our client experience, indulging her passion for working with others and her interest in human cognition. She loves animals and enjoys working out just enough to compensate for her aggressive sweet tooth.
    Molly Bergeson
    Client Relationship Manager
  • Isha graduated with a degree in Business Administration and has always been fascinated with the startup world - having started her own company at a young age. In her spare time she loves dancing, sketching, singing terribly, and exploring the city.
    Isha Punjabi
    Marketing Coordinator
  • Christopher obtained his degree in Computer Science from American Sentinel University and continued his education at North Carolina State University with a degree in Mathematics and a minor in Statistics. Most of his spare time is spent exploring the world with his son. Originally from Orlando, Florida, he enjoys good food, great friends, international travel, and all things Disney.
    Christopher Tompkins
    Software Engineer

  • Trent brings vast design and engineering experience to MindSumo. He graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Product Design and previously worked on mobile applications at Virgin America and the environmentally focused neXt project at Ford Motor Company.
    Trent Hazy
  • Rohan has been developing software for a decade. He earned a degree in Computer Science from Stanford while working part-time on programming languages at Optumsoft. Rohan has deep technical expertise, with experience at several startups and on Palm’s WebOS application framework team.
    Rohan Puranik
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