Let us introduce ourselves...

MindSumo was created out of the Stanford Student Startup Accelerator, StartX, by three friends who wanted to change the way that students and companies worked together.

Today MindSumo has become the leading platform for college students to apply highly sought after creative and problem solving skills by working on problems created by top companies from around the world. Our community represents 250,000 students from over 3,000 universities.

Companies work with our students on these problems to collect feedback on industry trends and products to drive new thinking within their organization. These partnerships allow us to provide our platform for free to all students and reward students for their hard work. Our challenges range from fun and easy to highly technical, and they are open to students of all degrees and levels including international students.

Apply Skills and Get Recognized
While many students love the financial awards from MindSumo, our main goal is to direct students on professional skill development as part of their experience. Hiring managers consistently rank problem solving, communications, and creative thinking skills as the top skills that they look for in hiring new college grads. We're targeting the development of these skills in the problems that we create and the ratings we provide to students on their solutions.

From a recent survey of 400 students, we discovered that 75% of students apply and hone existing skills through challenges, and nearly 45% report acquiring a new skill which they expect will help them in their career.
App icon Check out a blog post on how Matthew Gaisser landed a job through MindSumo challenges!
Meet ahd
Meet Ahd
"Challenges make me feel like a CEO of a company who has to figure out how to increase its sales. MindSumo made me use my educational background and helped me learn about issues that companies face."
Pay for College Expenses
MindSumo offers financial rewards to students for their hard work and creativity in developing a solution. We don't expect anyone to come up with a million dollar idea (if you do please go file a patent and launch your own business!) but we do want students to develop recommendations that they would be proud to present to an executive.

Because time is money and college is expensive, we want to do our part to help. MindSumo gives students an alternative to traditional scholarships that are inaccessible to many students and can even serve as a flexible part-time job for busy schedules.
Unilever logo Unilever has paid out over $28,000 to students. Here's one of their challenges: What can St. Ives do to help the world?
Meet miles
Meet Miles
Through his hard work on MindSumo, Miles has earned over $6,500 from his solutions and was able to pay for an entire semester of college. Thanks partly to MindSumo, Miles was able to graduate college with zero debt.
Make a Difference
Whether it is helping fight discrimination against people with HIV, creating an anti-smoking campaign, or increasing financial literacy, MindSumo partners with several organizations to harness the power of student minds for good.
Cat logo Caterpillar looked for ideas to boost the sustainability of India's main water source: How can we clean up the Ganges River?
Meet sarah
Meet Sarah B.
Sarah is a student at Tufts, and she fights for social justice and philanthropic causes. Sarah won her first MindSumo challenge with an amazing idea for Panera Bread on how to rethink the bakery to encourage healthier eating. Now that's how you make a difference.