Let us introduce ourselves...

MindSumo is a startup that brings together Fortune 500 companies and college students to work on challenges that impact the world. We encourage our community of 250,000 students from over 3,000 universities to try out crazy ideas, and get rewarded.

We believe any student from any school deserves an opportunity to stand out with good ideas that earn you cash and help you get recognized. Our challenge platform makes it easy for you to showcase your creative thinking and analytical abilities.

Earn Money on Your Own Time
A mentally exhausting, minimum wage job with an inflexible schedule isn't your only hope to paying off college expenses. MindSumo challenges allow you to earn money for your ideas during downtime.

Many challenges can be completed in 30 minutes and 50% of submissions earn points that convert into cash. Each challenge offers over $1K in earnings and MindSumo users have won over $500,000 in total prizes.
Unilever logo Unilever has paid out over $28,000 to students. Here's one of their challenges: What can St. Ives do to help the world?
Meet ethan
Meet Ethan C.
Ethan wanted to travel to Europe before starting his new job at Deloitte. After finishing school at NC State, he spent a month on MindSumo to fund his adventure. Despite working less than 20 hours a week on challenges, Ethan earned $2,600 to pay for his entire summer trip.
Engage Brands You Love, Make a Difference
MindSumo challenges give you the ability to influence brands or work on social issues that you care about. MindSumo is a unique way to take all the concepts that you are learning in class and apply them to the interests that matter to you. Great ideas could even earn you a patent!
Cat logo Caterpillar looked for ideas to boost the sustainability of India's main water source: How can we clean up the Ganges River?
Meet sarah
Meet Sarah B.
Sarah is a student at Tufts, and she fights for social justice and philanthropic causes. Sarah won her first MindSumo challenge with an amazing idea for Panera Bread on how to rethink the bakery to encourage healthier eating. Now that's how you make a difference.
Get Experience for Recruiting or Even Land a Job
It's hard for a college student to gain initial work experience to land that first job. It's even tougher to get access to popular companies that don't recruit at your school. MindSumo was designed to give students the ability to solve real business problems and get the attention of recruiters.
Cisco logo Cisco hired for internship and full-time roles using this challenge: How would you troubleshoot as a network engineer?
Meet lauren
Meet Lauren K.
Lauren loves travel and tech. When Kayak launched a challenge to build a weather tool to help travelers find hot spots, she jumped all over it and won. Kayak was so impressed with Lauren's MindSumo submission that she got offered an internship which eventually led full-time job as a software engineer.
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