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What is MindSumo

MindSumo is the leading platform for student problem solvers to apply their creativity and innovation by working on crowdsourcing “Challenges”. The problem solvers who submit the best ideas to Challenges can earn money, gain skills, and potentially even land a job! Our community represents over 1 million problem solvers from six continents and over 3,000 universities.

How Does it Work?

  1. Create your MindSumo profile and add information about your problem-solving skills
  2. Submit ideas to the Challenges you’re interested in trying to solve
  3. If your idea is chosen as a winner, collect your reward
  4. Rinse & repeat!

Apply Skills and Get Recognized
While many users love the financial awards from MindSumo, we're also passionate about providing professional skill development as part of their experience. Hiring managers consistently rank problem solving, communications, and creative thinking skills as the top skills that they look for in hiring entry-level employees. We're targeting the development of these skills in the projects that we launch and the feedback that is provided to our problem solver community.

From a recent survey of 400 MindSumo users, we discovered that 75% of respondents apply and hone existing skills through challenges, and nearly 45% report acquiring a new skill which they expect will help them in their career.
Pay for College Expenses
Many of MindSumo's users are still in college, and the financial rewards that can be won through challenges can be a major help to our student users. We don't expect anyone to come up with a million dollar idea (if you do please go file a patent and launch your own business!) but we do want students to earn some money and build a portfolio of experience that they would be proud to present to a future boss.

Because time is money and college is expensive, we want to do our part to help. MindSumo gives students an alternative to boring campus jobs, and can even act as "mini internships" that can be referenced on resumes.
Make a Difference
Whether it is helping fight discrimination against people with HIV, creating an anti-smoking campaign, or increasing financial literacy, MindSumo partners with many organizations to harness the power of the crowd for good. We are always on the lookout for partners that are trying to make a positive impact on the world. Give us a shout if you know of an organization that is doing amazing things in the social good space!
Caterpillar looked for ideas to boost the sustainability of India's main water source: How can we clean up the Ganges River?
Meet Sarah B.
Sarah is a student at Tufts, and she fights for social justice and philanthropic causes. Sarah won her first MindSumo challenge with an amazing idea for Panera Bread on how to rethink the bakery to encourage healthier eating. Now that's how you make a difference.
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