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How can we clean up the Ganges river?
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62 months ago
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The Ganges (or Ganga) River flows over 1500 miles throughout India and Bangladesh. It is a holy river in the religion of Hinduism, and is worshipped by many as a god. Over 400 million Indian citizens live along it’s edges and rely on it’s water for their daily needs. In addition, hundreds of species, some native only to the Ganges, call the river home.

Unfortunately, the river is under relentless assault from pollution due to both human and industrial waste. So far, efforts to clean up the river have failed due to corruption, lack of technical expertise, poor environmental planning, and lack of support from religious authorities. Unless something is done soon, the lives of the people and animals that rely on the Ganges face an uncertain future.


Answer each item separately in a proposal for a sustainable technique to clean up the Ganges River:

1. What is your technique, technology, method, or campaign to clean up the garbage, industrial waste, and general pollution of the Ganges river?

2. Why is your idea the most