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Career Challenge: Technology Product Analyst

This career challenge is for those interested in a Technology Product Analyst role with Energy Focus in New York City. You do not need to want to apply for the job to solve the challenge and qualify for prizes. The career opportunity is only for US Residents.

As a sustainable LED Lighting Technology solutions manufacturer and seller to the commercial space of our industry-leading products we seek a new growth Product Analyst to join us in our continued journey. This talented individual will have interned at one or more equally progressive organizations and/or already have graduated and begun their career trajectory with such an organization in a market analysis capacity.

Business Administration degree is preferred and Industrial Engineer background is a plus. Ultimately, the ability to collect and analyze data on both competitors and the general marketplace is essential and Energy Focus is looking for candidates who not only want to be a part of our specific organization but demonstrate the ability to design and implement solutions on how we'll stay in the forefront of this paradigm shift within the global LED lighting technology industry.

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Learn more about Energy Focus and check out the Product Analyst Responsibilities and qualities doc and short role summary, then complete parts 1 & 2.

Part 1: Demonstrate your analyzation skills

A. Provide a brief description of an emerging technology in the Global LED lighting technology industry that is intriguing to you.
B. How would this technology fit within the Energy Focus brand and business plan?

For example: The design of the Dragon Parking Lot light could be re-created by Energy Focus to offer improved functionality to outdoor areas not already benefiting from the superior quality and durability of Energy Focus products or otherwise being utilized by target customers.

Be sure to include tech functionality details, cost, and the opportunity for Energy Focus to engage new customers or sell to existing ones

Feel free to format your answer here as a presentation, video, or even plain text.

(Optional) Part 2: Tell us about yourself (1 paragraph per item)

A. What previous experience do you have (at university and previous jobs or internships) that is relevant to this role?
B. What skills and/or passions do you have personally that make you a relevant fit for this role

Feel free to include a resume or LinkedIn Profile with this part of your submission.

Important Qualifications for this role:

- Understanding of Triple Bottom Line and that Energy Focus is a 3BL/TBL organization at its core, believing firmly in not only financial ROI for its customers but also social and environmental ROI given that we are a sustainable technology solutions company
- Demonstrated understanding of how to collect marketplace intelligence (Business Intelligence and Business Analytics) which includes not only direct competitors but targeted and potential commercial and industrial consumer as well.
- A desire to have fun and be passionate about sustainable technology solutions alongside a profoundly benign desire to grow and nurture their career and achieve an attractive career trajectory through teamwork and collaboration with other equally talented peers.

Additional Materials:
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