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Design your future 2020 PC
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67 months ago
Small pic future computer

Your personal computer has evolved over the last 30 years from a large desktop, to a portable laptop, to the thin 2-in-1 detachable PC/tablets in the market today. New technologies such as bendable/scrollable displays, high bandwidth wireless connections, new human interface technologies, component miniaturization and ever increasing battery density have the potential to drive new interesting form factors and device categories into the market.

If you were to design your own future personal computer in 2020, what would it look like? What will it be capable of doing and what problems will it solve?


Design what the future personal computer device will look like in 2020:

1. Function

What does it look like? How would you use it?

2. Interface

What’s new or different from what we already see today?

3. Interactions

How would this computer interact with other devices, objects and people?

4. Visuals

Give a detailed visual description of what your experience looks